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SIGGRAPH University : "The Digital Production Pipeline"

Great stuff!  
I have worked with most all of these guys at one time or another in my career and every artist working in digital production should watch this.

MINIONS - Happy Holidays (2015)

RIG REVIEW: 5 Stars - Mathilda Rig by Leon Li-Aun Sooi and Xiong Lin

I realize the animation demos on this reel are pretty awful, but the rig itself seems promising as I tested the control in Maya.  I will be releasing it to my students at USC for more testing, but it seems pretty sold if in the hands of a great animator.


  1. The dual controls for the shoulders are weird and you will have to spend time animating both the clavicle and the shoulder control on rot and trans to get a pleasing shape which makes this cumbersome.
  2. I wish someone would build a female character with her legs covered. It would be nice if they had a visibility track on some pants you could turn on this character. At least, you can hide the ugly puffer jacket. I did manage to hide the costuming and assign high waisted pants to the original topology.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     
  3. The switches on this rig are robust and impressive and there are pins (called snaps) for the elbows and knees.
  4. I do not understand the new aesthetic to cross eyes on rigs.  This is a choice the animators should make and anims should not have to UNCROSS the eyes first to even get started on the rig. So, unless you are trying to make her look crazy, uncross the eyes and set that as your default value before you start animating

☆☆☆☆☆ 5 Stars - Mathilda Rig at CG MeetUp I give this rigs 5 Stars because of the promise it provides for an appealing female character.  My notes above are tweaks I would take into consideration before using the rig. The picker is a nice extra.  You must be a member of CGmeetup to download this rig.

Get the Mathila Rig here

This rig gets the Redd the Clown stamp of approval!

Sony Pictures Hacked

The hackers who took down Sony Pictures' computer systems yesterday say that they are working for "equality" and suggest that their attack was assisted or carried out by Sony employees. In an email responding to inquiries from The Verge, a person identifying as one of the hackers writes, "We Want equality [sic]. 

via The Verge

1000 Dollar Short Animation Contest!

The animation rules are simple: 
  1. Must include a Santa or snowman and be at least ten seconds long using audio from this song. 
  2. Submissions must be uploaded to YouTube and submitted here. 
  3. All animations styles are allowed! 2D, 3D, stop-motion, etc, but nothing offensive. 
  4. Winning criteria: how clever is it, how well does the audio match, and how fun is it to watch? 
  5. The winning animation will receive $1,000! 
  6. Excluding the winner, a random animation will win $100! 
  7. Contest is available to artists from all countries! 
  8. Winners paid through PayPal or Bitcoin! 
  9. Copyrighted art (characters, rigs, props, music, etc) are not allowed. 
  10. Free rigs are listed below. 
  11. If you use any free rigs or art assets, you must credit them at the end of your video. 
  12. Animation Career Review claims no copyright to any of the audio or video in any of the contest videos, but by submitting your entry you give us the right to use your animation for promotional purposes in the future.
  13. All entries will be publicly displayed on our site. 
  14. You can submit a maximum of five submissions. 
  15. Winner will be notified via email. 
  16. Deadline for entry is 11:00 PM on December 20th.

Peanuts | Official Trailer [HD]

Anatomy Course and Live Q&A Hangout


RIG REVIEW: 5 Stars - Sony Pictures Hotel T Zombie Rig

Hotel T Zombie Rig.  This rig is great for quick body mechanics work.  The facial is limited, of course, because he is a zombie.  There are no blinks, only an eye-lookat control and jaw controls, but for funny pantomime animations, this is a great rig to work with.

BTW, I worked with Chad in the video above on Stuart Little 2 back in 2000, and he is possibly the nicest guy in town.

☆☆☆☆☆ 5 Stars - Sony Hotel T Zombie Rig has what it takes to make fun appealing pantomime animations for your demo reel.  remember the proportions of this rig will be a little challenging to work with.

Get The Hotel T Zombie Rig here

This rig gets the Redd the Clown stamp of approval!


Frank Oz: In confidence - Full Interview (2013)