ianimate Student Showcase - Brian Horgan

November 2012's ianimate Student Spotlight is - Brian Horgan.   Brian was one of those students you love to have in class because he is so passionate about animation it is infectious.  He took my WS3 - Advanced Body Mechanics course at ianimate Spring 2012. This is the first time students introduce performance into their work.  

In WS3, I teach some concepts from an acting class I took with Ed Hooks in 1998, called Laban.  Dancers and actors use Laban to devise a quick description of how to occupy space.  Brian used the ianimate Blurb rig to describe this motion as an extra assignment and I use the examples in my classes to teach the concepts.  Some examples of these Laban tests are on the reel above. 

Brian is currently animating on a short film for a Norway based studio, Tilnærmet Lik,  as the animator/rigger on a 1 minute short that will be a promo for the studio. 

Congrats Brian!

p.s. Brian also creates lots of great tools for animators like the ghost tool below.

bhGhost Tutorial from Brian Horgan on Vimeo.

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