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#2.67 - Predictions for Star Wars VFX production future
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In case you have been living under a rock, Disney bought Lucas Film (including ILM) for 4.05B $.  Below, is speculation on what this means to ILM's production and future.

 From Juan-Luis Blog:
FULL DISCLOSURE: what follows is pure speculation on my part and is not based on any inside knowledge that I have; it is purely educated guesswork.

What I will think will happen at ILM/Lucasfilm Animation, specifically where Star Wars is concerned:
- Lucasfilm Animation will be re-branded under the Walt Disney Animation banner, and subsequent seasons of The Clone Wars animated show will be produced in Singapore as they are presently.
- The hush-hush fairies/rockabilly CG feature that Lucasfilm Animation have been on/off with over the past 6 years will either be shut down or get a quiet DVD release under the Walt Disney banner.
- ILM will continue to serve external clients as they always have done, with an increasing reliance on satellite offices around the world in major production centres.
- Star Wars VII visual effects will be centered in San Francisco with a small core team, with the majority of the work produced at ILM Singapore and by a network of tightly controlled 3rd-party vendors all over the world.

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  1. One thing to add to the list: Disney announces LA and Florida Star Wars theme parks, est 2020 opening date

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