Stray short film from iAnimate on Vimeo.
An internal student project, directed by Andrew Atteberry.
About the project from the director: This is a collaborative short film project I initiated during my time at iAnimate, a series of online animation workshops created by Dreamworks animator Jason Ryan. I was very fortunate and lucky to have so many talented animators want to help me with this project that were also attending iAnimate at the time. In addition to the help I received from iAnimate, Magnetic Dreams Animation Studio helped me bring this film across the finish line by allowing me use of their render farm and a large portion of their staff. Magnetic Dreams went so far above and beyond the call of duty in helping me to get this project through all of the stages of production, I certainly could not have pulled this together without them. Solid Angle was a big part of the team as well, they graciously helped with render licenses for their proprietary render engine "Arnold" which really helped add a beautiful look to the final frames. Finally, music and sound design provided by wonderfully talented Cathleen Flynn and Tim Gilmer (respectively) They really stepped up when I needed something unique and fitting and gave this film its voice. I'm extremely proud of what this group of people, from all corners of the globe, accomplished together (especially considering the non-existent budget :) I hope that you enjoy STRAY as much as I enjoyed the experience of making it!
For more information about iAnimate animation and rigging workshop:
Thanks to Magnetic Dreams:
Tim Gilmer (Sound Design):
Cathleen Fylnn (Music):

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